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Alice Nine is sparkling… …
— Okay then, I’m looking forward for the next 30 minutes! Eh? Aoi-kun’s glasses? (※ in the time before last Keiyuu issued a rule, “The person who takes up the host role is required to wear a black rimmed round glasses”.)
[Aoi] Ha? Do you think I’m going to do that?

— the GazettE’s Aoi can’t do that, huh (lol). Okay, I’ll leave the hosting to you this time! Since Tora seems a bit nervous, I’m requesting your favor (lol).
[Aoi] Please treat me well today.
[Tora] Ah, li—likewise, please treat me well.
[Aoi] You’re not actually nervous, are you?
[Tora] Oh I am (nervous).
[Aoi] Really? You shouldn’t be nervous~. Since you’re Tora (lol).
[Tora] No. No no no no, I’m rather nervous. Sorry.
[Aoi] I heard you were planning for 3 consecutive months releases? There will be a release soon.

— As expected of the senior!
[Tora] Yes, thank you very much.
[Aoi] What was the title of the first one?
[Tora] It’s [Daybreak].
[Aoi] Eh? [Meibreak]?
[Tora] No, it’s [Daybreak]. Sorry (sweating).
[Aoi] Ah, it’s [Daybreak]. What kind of song is it?
[Tora] Ah, yes. Nothing can be said about the song (lol).

— What kind of a promotion is that! Despite your senior having especially provided the time for you to advertise!
[Tora] Ah, I’m sorry somehow. I can’t say anything smart… …
[Aoi] It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Releasing a record.
[Tora] Yes. It’s been 1 year and 4 months.
[Aoi] Ah, is it~ That has been quite a while. Ah? Tora, did you cut your hair?
[Tora] Ah, yes. I did.
[Aoi] Okay so what kind of song is [Daybreak]?
[Tora] Ah, yes. It’s something that sounds a bit UK-ish.

— It does have an Alice Nine-ish sound, but it kind of feels like a new Alice Nine music.
[Aoi] You’ve heard of the song? Ah? I haven’t been given the chance to listen to it.
[Tora] Ah… … (sweating).
[Aoi] Alice Nine are like this. They’re not giving any copies away ((in this context, くれない = kurenai = not to give)).

— X JAPAN!? (※ kurenai = deep crimson) ((紅 = くれない = X JAPAN’s song))
[Aoi] I thought I was definitely going to say that. I thought I would say that too (lol).

— I thought so, Senior! We’re getting along, huh (lol). I mean, Tora-san, give him a copy of your record! Tell him something like “We made this! Please listen to it”.
[Tora] No no no, I thought it would’ve been impolite to give him like that… … No, but I’ve got one with me now! Sorry (sweating)! Since I’ve already brought it, … … if it’s not too rude of me to give it to you, please listen to it!
[Aoi] Yes, thank you. Eh, wait a sec. I’m not really good at this (hosting role). Can I hand it over?

— No no no, you’re perfectly good at it (lol).
[Aoi] What should we talk about? What do the readers want to hear, I wonder? What do you want to talk about, Tora?
[Tora] Ah, anything is fine with me. Is it okay for me to depend on you?
[Aoi] Depending on me is difficult, isn’t it (lol). What should we do? But it’s been a year or so since the last time we talked, right?
[Tora] That’s right. That’s because we don’t meet at the office very often.
[Aoi] Right. Although we do live nearby. We’ve never bumped into each other in the neighborhood.
[Tora] Yeah, that has never happened.

— Aoi-kun, don’t you ever invite Tora for a drink?
[Aoi] He seems like he’s going to refuse.
[Tora] No no, I wouldn’t refuse!

— That’s very unfortunate. You’d be disappointed if you got turned down after inviting him, right (lol). Despite you being the GazettE’s Aoi (lol).
[Aoi] Yes. I’d feel really depressed (lol). That’s how disappointed I would be.
[Tora] No no no, I really wouldn’t refuse! When are you going to invite me? I’ve got LINE!
[Aoi] Alright then, I’m inviting you now. But Tora really does seem like he’ll refuse.

— He’s a youth of this age. He said something like, “I’m on a diet right now”.
[Aoi] Right, right, right (lol). He’s a youth of this age (lol).
[Tora] No no, I’ve completely grown out of my youth (lol).
[Aoi] I suppose so. Alice Nine has also come a long way, huh~ What year was it when you entered the company?
[Tora] This year the band is celebrating our 9th anniversary, but if we’re counting from the time we were formed, it’s already been 9 years.
[Aoi] Is that so. My band is 10 years.

— Aren’t you missing 1 year!?
[Aoi] Oh right, I didn’t realize that.
[Tora] That’s right.
[Aoi] But I remember, y’know, the day that Alice Nine walked into the office. My first impression was like, “Uwaa~ They’re going to be so popular~!”. I thought, ah~, now that everyone at the office have gone that way, they’re not going to look towards us (the GazettE) anymore~. Back then I was thinking, “Yosh! Let’s pick the buds before it’s too late” (lol).
[Tora] Ahahahahaha, scary (lol).

— Ahahaha, that’s interesting (lol).
[Aoi] No no, but honestly, compared to how the GazettE are now, 10 years ago we were so unrefined. We were desperately working the hardest that we could. And then, Alice Nine walked in all shiny and stylish. I was thinking, well, let’s kick those guys’ asses (lol).
[Tora] No no (lol). But I wasn’t sparkly, though?
[Aoi] No. You weren’t sparkly (flatly).
[Tora] I thought so (lol)~ Ahahaha.
[Aoi] The band’s aura was sparkly, but that didn’t come from Tora (lol).

— Was it from the vocalist?
[Tora] Wasn’t it from Hiroto?

— The source of the sparkly aura was Shou-kun and Hiroto?
[Aoi] That’s right, I guess it’s those two. And then Saga, too. But lately Saga’s image has changed, right? The impression I get of him now is completely different from the time you guys entered the company.
[Tora] That’s right. He has changed.
[Aoi] The atmosphere around him has changed somehow.
[Tora] Right. He’s become sort of weird. His abnormality made me think, “Where did you hit your head?” (lol). Saga-kun’s shyness is slipping to the background (lol).
[Aoi] Up until now I have never had any point of contact with Saga.
[Tora] Right. Saga-kun hasn’t made contact with anyone (lol). He doesn’t go out and have fun with anyone at all.

— That sounds so gloomy.
[Aoi] Wait, aren’t you talking too bluntly (lol)?

— Ah, forgive me. In Alice Nine, is Tora the member you’ve made contact the most, Aoi-kun?
[Aoi] No, it’s Shou-kun. In the internet world (game) that is. Our favorite hobby is the same. Hey, aren’t we like fantasy or something? Fufufufu (lol).

— Eeeeh, you said ‘we’ by yourself. It’s because it’s fantasy, huh (lol).
[Aoi] Right, right, I suppose that’s our common ground.
[Tora] That’s because Shou-kun loves [Final Fantasy] so much.
[Aoi] Me and Tora don’t have any common ground either, huh.

— Is that so? Well then why did you invite him as guest today?
[Aoi] Hey, I don’t think it would be interesting if we do this with the same pattern that we did last time with Kazuki, inviting the person you hang out with the most. That’s why, conversely, I think it might be fun to talk to the guy I don’t have any common grounds with.

— As expected. You’ve thought about it that far, Teacher!
[Aoi] Well, it just comes with me (lol). That’s why I decided, if it was alright with him, would Tora-san be willing to come as guest?
[Tora] No no no, it’s an honor! I was really happy when Aoi-san appointed me. I’m not the type of guy who is liked by a lot people, so when you did appoint me, I was really, really happy.
[Aoi] Really? I don’t think so. I think Tora has the natural gift of charming people.
[Tora] No no, it’s an honor.
[Aoi] What are you saying?
[Tora] No, it’s nothing!

— Hey, Tora!
[Tora] No, it’s impossible. It’s really impossible!
[Aoi] What is?
[Tora] No, nothing!

— Speaking of which, a moment ago Tora said he had lots of things he’d like to ask Aoi-kun.
[Aoi] What? It’s fine, ask whatever you want.
[Tora] No, I’m fine with this!

Even the talk about girls that they don’t usually talk about…

— He was saying something like, “Where does Aoi-kun get kissed by a girl which will make him think, ‘This girl, she’s cute’?”
[Tora] No, I didn’t say that (lol). I said nothing like that!
[Aoi] I see~ (thinking).
[Tora] Eh!? Are you thinking about it (lol)!? I do want to know, though!
[Aoi] You want to know?
[Tora] Yes! But before we began today, I was told that I could ask 10 questions in a 1-question-1-answer to Aoi-san about girls! That’s why I said, “It’s impossible”! But they said it’s fine, because you would definitely answer them. However, I said, “I can’t do it!” But I do want to know (lol)!

— I think the readers would like to know as well (lol). You definitely don’t talk about this in interviews about musical instruments or the usual long interviews, right (lol). So where would you like to be kissed? Tora said he wanted to know things like, “This girl, she’s kissing me like this. She’s totally cute!”
[Tora] I told you I didn’t say that (lol).
[Aoi] Ahahaha. Where? “This spot”!?
[Tora] Ahahaha. That’s dangerous (lol).
[Aoi] Hey~ speaking of this spot! It’s about that, isn’t it?
[Tora] Ahahaha, certainly (lol).

— Ah, no no, it’s fine if you don’t talk about that special place (lol).
[Aoi] I would have thoroughly answered that if I was drunk, but now I’m sober (lol). But personally, I don’t have a spot where I’d like to be kissed. That’s because, if I had to say it, I’m the type who likes to kiss ((rather than be kissed)).
[Tora] Ah, to be the one who starts it?
[Aoi] Yep, that’s right. On the nape. I really like the nape.

— Are you the type that gets weak seeing girls with their hair combed up?
[Aoi] Not exactly.

— Then do you like girls with short cut hair?
[Aoi] Not exactly. I get the chills whenever it suddenly comes into view.

— Eh? When the nape suddenly comes into view?
[Tora] When it is shown!
[Aoi] Yep, when it’s shown. Shown to me (lol). Where would Tora like to be kissed?
[Tora] Nah, I’ve never thought about that (lol).
[Aoi] I see. Where would you like to kiss a girl, then?
[Tora] I like bare legs. I love the balance that stretches from the thigh to the calf.
[Aoi] Ah, I see. You totally look at the legs, right. During last year’s summer, the trend was wedge-soled sandals, right? I really loved when the girls were wearing that kind of soled sandals and then their calf and Achilles heels got stretched.
[Tora] Ah~ I know that feeling! That is really nice.
[Aoi] Isn’t it~ They’re cute when they’re wearing summer fashion like that.
[Tora] Really cute. Next, I also like armpits.
[Aoi] Armpits!? What do you do to their armpits!? What do you do!?
[Tora] Ahahaha. What do I do, I wonder (lol). I don’t do anything, though (lol), I just want to see them. Are there any people with slightly dented armpits? Those are nice!

— … … … … … … Maniac… …
[Aoi] He’s certainly a maniac, huh (lol). Uhm, I surely don’t feel anything about that part of the body (lol).
[Tora] Ah, is that so (lol).

— You guys don’t get excited over the buttocks or the chest.
[Aoi] Yep. But it’s more like, those parts are obvious, you don’t go directly towards those, and I’ve kind of gotten tired of looking at them. Well~ as Tora’s senior, my eyes shouldn’t go that way, right (lol)?
[Tora] Ahahaha. No no no (lol).
[Aoi] I’m showing my gratitude (lol).
[Tora] Ahahaha. No no, I’d like to show my gratitude as well (lol).

— Speaking of which, he also said something like, “What kind of clothes would you like your girlfriend to wear on a date?”. Tora said he wanted to know about that too a moment ago.
[Tora] I did not say that (lol).
[Aoi] A date, huh. Personally I don’t really like skirts, I’m usually the type that chooses pants over skirts. Short pants that show their bare legs are nice. Long, fitting pants with loose tops are also nice. Recently the trend among women is tights, but I don’t really like tights. It’s because I’m totally going to fuss over how there shouldn’t be a run in the stocking.

— Eh!? Are you talking about the reason to touch her!?
[Tora] Ahahahaha, that’s intense (lol).
[Aoi] Eh? It’s a date, right? Don’t you touch your girlfriend?
[Tora] Ahahaha, I’ll touch her!
[Aoi] It’s a date, isn’t it (lol). A girl who is wearing tights, loose top, and looking kind of tired is nice (lol). I prefer girls who are laid back than those who are overly cheerful. Basically I like yankee-type of girls. Rather than girls who sit properly on the floor, I like the kind of girls who sits cross-legged while smoking a cigarette. Do you hate them?
[Tora] N-no, that’s nice (lol).

— You hesitated (lol).
[Aoi] What kind of girls do you like?
[Tora] I didn’t think of it very often, but I like cute girls (lol).

— Tora seems like the type who gets totally stricken when he sees a cute girl working part-time on McDonalds or some other place.
[Aoi] Is that so?
[Tora] Yes. I kind of like girls in uniforms (lol).
[Aoi] Is that so!? I don’t find uniforms interesting. I’m the type that walks quickly ahead when I pass by in front of a group of CA (Cabin Attendant) (lol). But this is that kind of thing, right? As you see a girl wearing uniform, you have that wish to conquer her, right? That’s something erotic, isn’t it? It’s like, it’s no good if they completely take off their uniforms (lol). Don’t you feel ashamed.

— You’re unexpectedly sensitive, huh (lol).
[Aoi] Right, right, right (lol).
[Tora] But for me CA are also impossible. Don’t CA have that beautifully reasonable attitude. I don’t really like that. On the contrary, I’m totally attracted toward people with familiar situations like the girls who work in McDonalds or convenience stores.

— This maniac is at it again… …
[Aoi] But I understand that too! The shop assistants in convenience stores are nice. Sometimes I met them, cute shop assistants in convenience stores.
[Tora] They do exist, right! I really like watching them (lol).

— the GazettE and Alice Nine unexpectedly are watching them (lol).
[Aoi & Tora] Ahahahaha. We are (lol).
[Aoi] But I won’t line up in front of the register where the cute shop assistant is. I’ll line up in front of the male’s register (lol).

— Eh!? You’re such a coward (lol)!
[Aoi] I am (lol). My heart is going to beat so fast if I’m in front of the cute girl, so I’ll find some peace of mind with the guy. Ah, having said that, I’m not gay.
[Tora] Ahahaha.

— Tora is the type of guy who will line up in front of the cute girl’s register, right.
[Aoi] Is that so!?
[Tora] Yes. Without a doubt, I’m going to stand in line in front of that register.

— You’ll stand there even though it’s going to be a long queue (lol).
[Tora] Yes yes (lol), without a doubt.
[Aoi] I see. You’d do that~ I can’t possibly do that. Are you the type of guy who confesses? Or the one who gets confessed to?
[Tora] I’m the type who does it myself. If the confession comes from another party, it loses its strength.
[Aoi] I totally understand that. Now that we’re talking about confessions, shall we talk about our love stories? (lol). In that matter, I want to open the door starting from myself. There’s no such thing as a peaceful drama, so that in itself is a story of its own.
[Tora] That’s true. Aoi-san is also a man who confesses, right?
[Aoi] Yep. I guess I am the one that confesses.

— Although you’re sensitive and a coward, you’re the one who confesses?
[Aoi] Yes. Well, it was really dreadful when I got rejected, I was so depressed (lol). How do you confess, Tora?
[Tora] To think of how I confess, since my way of thinking is like a domineering husband, rather than confessing, when we’ve come to the point where we’re always together and I’ve revealed everything that I am, I’ll say something like, “Well? What shall we do now?”

— That’s sneaky. That’s not a confession (lol).
[Aoi] Well, love begins in various ways (lol).

— What about Aoi-kun? Do you just abruptly kiss her nape!?
[Aoi] I don’t do something as smug as that (lol)! I’ll say it straightly, “Will you be my girlfriend?”. Isn’t that cute (lol).
[Tora] That is cute!

— Are you two the type that thinks that a love relationship can begin from friends?
[Aoi] No. I think those are different, friends are friends. I do have female friends, but I don’t go out to eat alone with one of them. We hang out to eat, play Wii, trump along with a lot of people (lol). What about Tora?
[Tora] I don’t play trumps (lol), but I do have some genuine female friends. I think the friendship between us won’t develop into love, definitely.
[Aoi] Right. But drinking with guys is fun. Ah, but I’m not gay.

— I got that already (lol).
[Aoi] But when I was young I wanted to be popular. Whenever there was a break, I would be thinking about nothing but that (lol).
[Tora] That’s right (lol). That was all we were thinking about (lol).

— Well, you’re free to think about that (lol).
[Aoi] That’s all that young boys think about, right (lol).
[Tora] Because that’s a boys’ thing (lol).

— Is it okay? Can I really write down this conversation (lol).
[Aoi] It’s fine, it’s fine. We’ve both become adults by overcoming all those things.
[Tora] Right. Since we barely can leave our homes now (lol).
[Aoi] Ahahaha, right right (lol)l
[Tora] No~ this is great, Aoi-san! I think you’re a person who possesses everything that I’ve ever wanted! It’s been fun talking to you. This time please invite me. I’ll be waiting.
[Aoi] Yep, I’m inviting you. I’d like to drink with everyone. Whenever I drink with my juniors, we’re seniors and juniors, right, but that’s not what I feel. I just want to have some fun. That’s why, Tora, let’s drink leisurely now.
[Tora] Yes, definitely!
[Aoi] But Tora seems like he’s going to refuse~.
[Tora] Ahahaha. I told you I wouldn’t refuse (lol)! Please invite me! Thank you so much for calling me here today. It’s been a lot of fun.
[Aoi] Yep, I’ll meet you again soon.


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* Translation by me, credits if used and/or translated and/or posted elsewhere.
* Prone to mistakes so you’re welcome to correct me if I got anything wrong.
* Tora’s fetishes. I can’t even say anything. Imagine him kissing up your legs, slowly, meticulously… Okay lemme die now.
* Yankee girls & Aoi. An interesting scene to watch, I bet.
* Tora……… tell me your LINE ID please?
* Btw Aoi… YOU’VE HAD YOUR DAYBREAK COPY ALREADY. You actually took a photo of it!!!

PSP1800 [Vol 21] Aoi (the GazettE) and Tora (Alice Nine)

-Ну что ж, в течение следующих 30 минут, я рассчитываю сотрудничать с вами. Что? Аой-кун, где твои очки? (Последний раз, когда Kei (Kra), был гостем,положили, что ведущий должен носить огромные, круглые, черные очки. Взяли за правило).
AOI: Ха!И вы думаете,я собираюсь это делать?
-Нет, Аой из the Gazette может этого не делать (смеётся).Так,ну,господин Ведущий,пожалуйста. Даже Тора выглядит нервным. Я полагаюсь на Вас (смеётся).
AOI:С нетерпением ждём совместной работы с вами сегодня.
TORA:Я должен был сказать это. С нетерпением ждём совместной работы с Вами сегодня.
AOI: Ты вроде как нервничаеь или что-то типа того,да?
TORA:Нет,не нервничаю(нервничает).
А:Серьёзно?Нет,конечно,ты не нервничаешь. Потому что ты тигр.
Т:нет,не,не,не,не. Я немного нервничаю. Извините.
А:Так, у вас запланировано три последовательных релиза,да?Это будет выпущено в ближайшее время или что-то типа того,да?
-Как и ожидалось,семпай!
Т:да,спасибо большое.
А:Как там первый сингл называется?
Т: [Daybreak].
А: Чё?[Maybreak]?
Т: (по буквам) , [D-a-y-b-r-e-a-k]. Извините (потеет).
А:А, [Daybreak],ясно. Ну и какая это песня?
Т:Ну,ну…она неописуема (смеётся).
-Какая реклама!Даже ваш семпай абсолютно передал это!
Т:а,ну…извините за это. Умнее ничего не смог сказать.
А:Много времени прошло,не так ли?С вашего прошлого релиза.
Т:Ну да, год и четыре месяца.
А:Да,действительно долго.О,Тора.ты отстриг свои волосы?
А:ну да ладно, [Daybreak]-какая по жанру песня?
Т:Оу, это немного похоже на британское звучание.
-Это так похоже на Alice nine,но чувтсвуется,что это песня «новых Alice nine».
А:Вы уже слышали её? Мне не разрешают слушать её.
Т:Ай…(в капле.)
А:Да,вот такие вот Alice Nine.Не позволяют ничего.
——X JAPAN?! [песня X Japan “Kurenai”]
А:Я так и думал,что ты скажешь это.Я подумал,что сказал бы это тоже (смеётся)

-Как и ожидалось,учитель. Мы ладим,да (смеётся). Но в любом случае,Тора,скажи,передай! Скажи ему: «Сделано!пожалуйста,послушай его».
Т:не,не,не. Если я так скажу ему,это будет немного грубо,не думаешь? Нет,я принесу его[сингл] в следующий раз! К сожалению (потеет)! Если он услышит его…Если он не будет слишком много спрашивать,я принесу его в следующий раз,поэтому пожалуйста,всеми средствами,прослушай его!
А: М,спасибо. Эй,ты знаешь, я как-то не очень хорош в этом (роль хозяина). Мы что-то можем с этим сделать?
-Не,не,не. Ты очень хорош в этом (смеётся). Продолжай,продолжай.
А: О чём мы должны разговаривать? Что читатели хотят услышать? Тора,о чём ты хочешь поговорить?
Т: Да о любых вещах.Всё в порядке. Может подождём?
А:Но ожидание разочаровывает тоже,да(смеётся)? Что мы должны делать? Потому что вроде как прошёл год с последнего нашего разговора,верно?
Т:ты прав. Мы даже не видим друг друга в офисе.
А:Точно. Мы даже живём рядом друг с другом и не сталкиваемся вместе в окрестностях.
Т:нет,не сталкиваемся.
-Аой-кун,ты не приглашаешь Тору выпить?
А:это всё потому,что он выглядит так,будто собирается мне октазать.
Т:нет, нет!я бы не сделал этого!
-ну в самом деле. Это всё потому,если от твоего приглашения откажутся,ты расстроишься.Даже если ты Aoi из the Gazette(смеётся).
А:Да,я расстраиваюсь из-за этого,впадаю в глубокую депрессию (смеётся).
ТТ:Нет,нет.Я не откажусь от твоего приглашения! Мне интересно,ты собираешься пригласить меня через некоторое время? Я буду ждать.
А:ну,в следующий раз,да. Но Тора действительно выглядит так,будто собирается отказать мне.
-ну,он молодой.Он постоянно говорит такие вещи как: «я на диете»
А:Да-да (смеётся). Он молод (смеётся).
Т:Нет,нет,эй!эээй!Дни моей молодости сочтены (смеётся)
А: Ну да,ты прав. Alice Nine существуют очень долго. Во сколько лет ты присоединился к ним?
Т:Ну,выступаем мы уже девятый год,но с момента создания уже точно есть девять лет.
А:Точно-точно. Моей группе десять лет.
-Разница только в один год?!
А:Если подумать,ты прав.
А:ноты знаешь,Я помню это,когда Alice Nine вступили в PSC.В первое моё впечатление проникла мысль: «Вау! Эти ребята выглядят как будто они собираются продавать что-то». Мужик,каждый в PSC подходил к ним и я в то время думал: «Верно,так,пора пресечь это,пока ещё в зародыше!»(смеётся)
-АХАХАХАХАХА,это весело!(смеётся)
А:нет,ну серьёзно. Даже десять лет спустя, the Gazette всё ещё смешана с запахом грязи. Мы отчаянно делали всё возможное.А всё это потому,что Alice Nine пришли и присоединились к нам. Мы думали,что эта группа просто размажет нас.
Т:Ну не в коем случае! (смеётся) Я сверкал?
А:Нет,вообще не сверкал (тупит).
А:Аура группы была сверкающей,но то не из-за Торы (смеётся)
(продолжение следует)

~~~Случайности не случайны~~~


Какой тут Аой разговорчивый!
Тора так мило нервничает хD

Продолжение буду ждать)


Не за что) сама проду жду) И блин тебя так долго не было. Я скучала и думала, что меня совсем бросили...

~~~Случайности не случайны~~~

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