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“I want to spend it with the fans as if we were good friends”. From this idea Shou’s birthday event was born. As a friend representative and playing an active role in RootFive (√5) utaite Dasoku-shi was invited and there was talk, there was singing and these 2 hours were filled with elegance.

At the venue there was a slight feeling of nervousness hanging in the air. And it was no surprise. After all, this venue is also used for weddings and such, there’s also a high class restaurant. The invited guests were a little fidgety. The lights in the venue slowly became dimmed and the host appeared. After giving simple explanations about today, he gently shook the bell he held in his hand. The bell resounded creating a light timbre and the venue’s back door opened. As it happened, Shou and his friend Dasoku-shi wearing stylish suits appeared! Going from one table to another they began serving black tea. Regarding the black tea Shou said “It’s my favourite so I want us to enjoy it together” and he chose Earl Grey. The cake that they served has been requested by him who loves chocolate from the restaurant chef. Very politely and gentlemanly Shou was pouring tea while Dasoku-shi was assisting him. The lavender-flavoured aroma candle lamp selected by Shou placed on top of the tables raised the mood.

Let’s go back a few hours. Entering the venue Shou began arranging the guest’s seats and tables. After that there was rehearsal, the schedule was pretty tight. Nevertheless, he seemed to peacefully enjoy this situation. As they took the seats whey would be sitting in later during the event…

Dasoku: It looks like a reception at a wedding.

Shou: Which one us resembles a woman? (laugh) Singing while seated suits the atmosphere of the venue very well, right?

Dasoku: That’s true.

There were many scenes of such quiet friendly conversation. Yet, as the meeting for this event began, his face became serious. When pouring the tea would he not spill it? Will he not make mistakes regarding the manners? He was paying attention to every detail. By the way, “this event consists of 2 parts but isn’t there a way to serve (the tea and cake) more smoothly between Part 1 and Part 2?” he discussed this with the staff. To provide the best service for the guests they thoroughly discussed every detail.

Now let's return to the main subject. The event started with the talk show. The two began by talking about the start of their romance. According to Shou “I picked him up on Twitter”. Meeting through a mutual friend, their friendship deepened through Twitter. The day they first met, even though they were seeing each other for the first time, they said they talked at the bar until morning. After that, they moved on to their common hobbies – games and manga. What kind of characters they like? At this point Shou said: “I like handsome characters”, such an audacious statement.

Shou: “I like 3D women, but (laugh) as for 2D I like handsome men.” Most of all I like Cloud from FF7. Also Kuchiki Byakuya from Bleach, Allen Walker from D.Gray-man. They’re very handsome yet they’re very incompetent. I wonder if they appeal to my maternal instinct.”

Dasoku: So as you look at these handsome guys what do you want to do?

Shou: No, is a forbidden direction (laugh) so let’s get back to the casual talk.

In the corner where Shou answered the questions from fans he gave quite an earnest answer. When asked “Say the things you like about each other” he said: “Since today it looks like a wedding so answering it again is embarrassing (laugh)”, after that replying:

“The sexiness of his low voice is amazing. Being a vocalist myself I am deeply moved by it.”

Dasoku: “We have the same pace of conversation so he’s a person who’s easy to be with.”

There were also other answers. In reply the person who asked (this question) said: “Thank you very much. I wish you happiness!” as well as other nice words. (laugh) It looked like the two also enjoyed it.

Also as a special unit they performed “Jewels” and “Niji no Yuki”. Though the two of them went to karaoke the previous day, filling these two songs with their own background, they practiced singing until it was time to start the event. They were singing with serious expressions while facing each other.

After they finished singing Dasoku-shi announced: “Actually, we prepared one more song”. This wasn’t discussed at the meeting and while Shou was standing there surprised, the lights dimmed. After that he received a surprise “Happy Birthday” song from the guests.
After receiving a bouquet of flowers from the hands of Dasoku-shi, “It’s quite unusual for me to receive (flowers) from men” said Shou with an embarrassed smile delighted at the warm applause from the guests and staff. He returned this feeling of gratitude by giving souvenir aroma candles and shaking hands before saying goodbye. One by one (the guests) expressed their feelings.

Friends, staff and also fans. He spent this BD party surrounded by his loved ones. But more than anything the most impressive part was when the two of them sang. Wrapping up the event was Shou’s powerful voice and Dasoku-shi’s sweet voice, the people in the audience were humming in unison, some shed tears. Black tea and cake is good, however the power to make people’s hearts happy is in the music, which is also thought to change them for the better.

“Usually at concerts everyone wears a boyish type of clothes so I was happy that today everyone dressed up. Also I’ve never really had birthday parties before. Last year at the end of July we went drinking with Tora-shi but spending it with a good friend and dear guests made me really happy. Thank you very much!”


Just thought I'd share some of my thoughts.
- I'm not sure about whether the title was deliberately misspelled or not but it was also written this way on the site.
- The event was actually in two parts, or rather there were two events one after another. I mean 100 people came, went away and then another 100 people came. This report describes the first event. The two had the same structure and the talks were also similar but of course the questions from the audience were different and the "surprises" too. In the second one Shou was given a birthday cake.
- I've seen a few reports describing both events and it's surprising that some of the events described didn't quite coincide. Oh, well. I did my job.

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~~~Случайности не случайны~~~


Господи, это нереально читать. Я сейчас умру от умиления. Вот эта фраза меня покорила "Шо, получая букет цветов от Дасоку, засмущался и сказал, что он не привык получать цветы от мужчины" Хоть гугл выдал мне ломанный перевод, но мне и этого было достаточно,что бы понять что там происходило XDDD *меня так прет написать слеш ШО/ДАСОКУ. мама мия, что я несу*

~~~Случайности не случайны~~~

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